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      來 源:科學人才網

      Grant-Funded Postdoctoral Researcher (A) - South Australian ImmunoGENomics Cancer Institute (SAiGENCI)

      The University Of Adelaide


      (Level A) $71,401 to $96,007 per annum plus an employer contribution of up to 17% superannuation will apply.

      Fixed term, full-time positions available for two years.

      Exciting opportunity for a Postdoctoral Researcher position in the field of Prostate Cancer - (Level A) in the group of Professor Christopher Sweeney at the newly established South Australia immunoGEnomics Cancer Institute (SAiGENCI).

      The advertised position is for an enthusiastic and highly motivated postdoctoral research scientist to work in the prostate cancer-focused research group of Professor Christopher Sweeney within the newly established South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute (SAiGENCI) of which Professor Sweeney serves as institute Director. SAiGENCI is housed in the University of Adelaide and supported by all the university infrastructure.

      The successful candidate will be responsible of driving all aspects of their own research as well as contributing to team member's projects. The postdoctoral researcher will also contribute to the supervision of honours and/or postgraduate research projects within the field of the staff member's area of research. Additionally, they will contribute to the preparation or, where appropriate, individual preparation of research proposal submissions to external funding bodies as well as helping in administrative functions primarily connected with their area of research.

      Key Selection Criteria:

      A Ph.D. in cell biology, or a related field, with extensive wet lab experience.

      Clear record of driving to success their own research demonstrated by an excellent publication record.

      Experience in molecular biology (gene knockout, conditional protein depletion, CRISPR editing) and biochemistry techniques and analysis

      Demonstrated excellent communication, organisational, and interpersonal skills, the ability to develop creative approaches to experimental design, and thrive both in independent research and while working collaboratively.

      Desired skills include: experience in cancer biology research, bioinformatic analysis, hands on in vivo mouse work.

      Enjoy an outstanding career environment

      The University of Adelaide is a uniquely rewarding workplace. The size, breadth and quality of our education and research programs - including significant industry, government and community collaborations - offers you a vast scope and opportunity for a long, fulfilling career.

      It also enables us to attract high-calibre people in all facets of our operations, ensuring you will be surrounded by talented colleagues, many world-leading. Our work's cutting-edge nature - not just in your own area, but across virtually the full spectrum of human endeavour - provides a constant source of inspiration.

      Our culture is one that welcomes all and embraces diversity consistent with our Staff Values and Behaviour Framework and our Values of integrity, respect, collegiality, excellence and discovery. We firmly believe that our people are our most valuable asset, so we work to grow and diversify the skills, knowledge and capability of all our staff.

      We embrace flexibility as a key principle to allow our people to manage the changing demands of work, personal and family life. Flexible working arrangements are on offer for all roles at the University.

      In addition, we offer a wide range of attractive staff benefits. These include: salary packaging; flexible work arrangements; high-quality professional development programs and activities; and an on-campus health clinic, gym and other fitness facilities.

      Learn more at: adelaide.edu.au/jobs

      Your faculty's broader role

      The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences contains one of Australia's largest concentrations of leading health researchers, teachers and clinical titleholders. It's comprised of eight schools and a number of specialist disciplines, institutes and centres, variously focused on world-class research, and training the next generation of: medical doctors; surgeons; dentists; nurses; psychiatrists; psychologists; and other health professionals.

      Learn more at: health.adelaide.edu.au

      If you have the talent, we'll give you the opportunity. Together, let's make history.

      Click on the ‘Apply Now' button to be taken through to the online application form. Please ensure you submit a cover letter, resume, and upload a document that includes your responses to all of the selection criteria for the position as contained in the position description or selection criteria document.

      Applications close 6 weeks from posting

      For further information

      For a confidential discussion regarding this position, contact:

      Dr. Katherine Morel

      Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SAiGENCI

      P: 8313 7336

      E: katherine.morel@adelaide.edu.au

      You will find a full position description and/or selection criteria below: (If no links appear, try viewing on another device)

      The University of Adelaide is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who meet the requirements of this position are strongly encouraged to apply.

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