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      來 源:科學人才網

      Research Fellow In Railway Microgrids (2 Positions Available)

      University Of Leeds


      Research Fellow in Railway Microgrids (2 positions available)

      Do you know how many rail passenger journeys are made in the UK per year? Do you know how many railway stations are there in the UK? Do you know how much energy is consumed by the rail transport?

      This is a great opportunity to join an exciting consortium to accelerate the journey to railway decarbonisation by developing multi-energy hubs for, potentially, over 2,500 stations across UK, improving efficiency, supporting battery and hydrogen trains, while offering greater flexibility to support both rail and grid operation, as part of Strategic Innovation Fund and SP Energy Networks funded projects. The projects will investigate the feasibility of linking vehicles in station car parks, renewable generations, the energy used by the station and the electricity grid and rail traction systems, examine hydrogen and battery trains and compare these with full electrification, and further examine how the energy hubs are designed to support different power supply modes to accelerate the railway decarbonization.

      To explore the post further or for any queries you may have, please contact:

      Prof Kang Li

      Tel: +44 (0)113 343 2045

      Email: k.li1@leeds.ac.uk

      Location: Leeds - Main Campus

      Faculty/Service: Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences School/Institute: School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering Category: Research Grade: Grade 7 Salary: £34,304 to £40,927 p.a. Due to funding restrictions an appointment will not be made above £36,382 p.a. Working Time: 37.5 hours per week Post Type: Full Time Contract Type: Fixed Term (6 months (grant funding)) Release Date: Thursday 14 April 2022 Closing Date: Sunday 01 May 2022 Interview Date: To be confirmed Reference: EPSEE1069 Downloads: Candidate Brief

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