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      來 源:科學人才網

      Postdoctoral Researcher - Biomolecular Sciences

      Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland


      Post Date : 14-Apr-2022 Close Date : 28-Apr-2022

      Title : Postdoctoral Researcher

      Department : School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

      Tenure : Fulltime - Specified Purpose contract for up to 9 months, with possibility of 3 months extension

      Location : Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), 123 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

      Reporting to : Dr. Sudipto Das

      Salary : Appointable at PD1 - Point 2 of the IUA researcher salary scale (2022)

      Proposed Start Date : June, 2022

      Project Overview:

      Title: DETECT - DNA Methylation Signatures for Personalising Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

      Project Brief: Despite on-going efforts approximately 40% of patients with  chronic inflammatory bowel disease - Ulcerative Colitis (UC) fail to respond to standard-of-care biologic treatment. This thereby presents a significant unmet clinical need that requires to be addressed. The DETECT program is a distinct and innovative consortium of experts from clinical, academic and industrial sectors. Within DETECT , using novel genome-wide next generation sequencing approaches to map the epigenome of inflamed tissue, coupled with leading-edge systems modeling we aim to identify DNA methylation biomarker signatures to predict response to biologic treatment in UC and examine the potential for DNA methyltransferase inhibitors as a new approach to UC therapy. This research program utilises both wet-lab and bioinformatic approaches and involves a multi-disciplinary collaboration between various national and international academic, industrial collaborators and clinical partners.

      Objectives of this post: This project will involve examining the anti- inflammatory impact of novel epigenetic targeting agents and master regulator/transcription factors using in vitro/ex vivo (organoid) models of Ulcerative Colitis

      Description of research group: The Epigenetics of Gastrointestinal Diseases research group (EpigastroDRG) led by Dr. Das is a highly dynamic team that includes researchers from various scientific disciplines. The group aims to apply novel bioinformatics approaches to epigenomic/multi- omic data generated from large patient cohorts in order to identify novel biomarkers of treatment response and disease progression in diseases such as IBD and Colorectal cancer. In addition, the group is actively involved in validating the phenotypic role of these candidate biomarkers as well as various epigenetic targeting agents using novel models of IBD and Colorectal cancer.

      Specifically, the duties of the post are

      The successful candidate will be expected to be highly motivated to perform with a high level of independence.

      The successful candidate will work with external collaborators (academic, clinical and industry) and internally within RCSI

      The candidate would be expected to carry out some lab management duties and assist in developing new modalities and efficiencies to ensure proper lab maintenance

      The candidate would be expected to write scientific reports and reviews.

      The successful applicant will represent the labs work at national and international conferences

      The candidate will work in the laboratory with researchers at various training levels and would be expected to provide training and supervision of students and other staff

      Undergo appropriate training for specialised technical procedures, career training and development both in Ireland and overseas as may be required from time to time.

      Participate in other research programmes within the laboratories.

      Ensure that all RCSI policies and procedures are adhered to.

      Comply with statutory legislation and RCSI rules and requirements in furtherance of your own and general staff welfare and safety.

      Represent the best interests of RCSI at all times.

      Application Process

      Please apply online no later than 5pm on the closing date with a Cover Letter (max 1 page) and CV including your experience and publication record of peer reviewed publications.

      Informal Enquiries can be directed to Dr. Sudipto Das, ( sudiptodas@rcsi.com )

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