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      來 源:科學人才網

      Postdoctoral Fellow - Neurogenomics Lab and APDA Center for Advanced Parkinson Research

      Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH)

      Developing new drugs from scratch costs millions and takes decades. Using “virtual drug trials” to repurpose drugs into new medicines and mechanisms for Parkinson’s offers a more rapid path to new medicines for Parkinson’s. We are looking for a laboratory scientist dedicated to leading a transformative project designed to experimentally test repurposed drugs derived from real-world big data analyses in stem cell models of PD. We are looking for a talented Post-doctoral Fellow to join the Scherzer Neurogenomics Lab at Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, who has experience with cell culture, especially for induced pluripotent stem cells and PD-relevant cellular assays, to work as part of a research team, aiming to develop novel effective treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

      The candidate is expected to use primary neuronal and stem cell models to develop novel lead compounds emerging from our big data and health informatics “virtual drug trials” into novel candidate medications for clinical trials. The Fellow will test the ability of potential compounds to rescue disease phenotypes in patient-derived neurons from induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as well as other model systems. Basic cell culture skills and previous laboratory experience are required, previous experience with stem cells, confocal microscopy, and Seahorse are a plus. Read more about our innovative approach to drug discovery at www.scherzerlaboratory.org.

      Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School provide a vibrant research environment. This position offers opportunities both for long-term career development and for launching academic careers.


      • Ph.D. in molecular genetics, biology, neurobiology, molecular/cellular biology, or a related field, with at least one year of related research experience

      • Prior first or co-first author publication

      • Two year commitment is required

      • Prior lab experience with cell culture, confocal microscopy, or molecular biology

      • Outstanding personal initiative and communication skills, and be able to work in a team

      • Must be comfortable working with human stem cells

      • Excellent English skills

      • Must be able to use sound judgment to handle a variety of tasks and to shift priorities simultaneously, as well as to effectively solve problems


      The complete application should be emailed to Sherri Schwaninger at sschwaninger@bwh.harvard.edu and to Dr. Scherzer at cscherzer@rics.bwh.harvard.edu - in addition to the online BWH job application site, position #3187096. Applications must include: 1) CV; 2) two letters of recommendation from professional supervisors (e.g. undergraduate advisor or previous PI); Optionally, 3) a cover letter outlining why you are the ideal candidate for this position

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