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      發布時間:2021-07-23 截止時間:詳見正文 發布來源:科學人才網
      所屬省份:北京 工作地點:北京 招聘人數:若干名
      所屬頻道:學科帶頭人、學術帶頭人招聘 地區欄目:北京高校招聘 相關欄目:

      北京大學合成與功能生物分子中心(Synthetic and Functional Biomolecules Center, SFBC)是北京大學于2011年依托化學與分子工程學院成立的一個跨學科交叉研究中心。中心以建設世界一流的化學與生命科學前沿交叉研究機構為目標,通過化學與生物學、醫學的交叉融合,為生命科學的探索提供新的技術和研究策略,并致力于開展人類重大疾病的基礎研究。中心現有課題組7個,研究人員10名,研究內容覆蓋生物大分子、化學小分子和動物、植物及微生物等對象和體系。未來幾年,中心擬優先發展以下四個研究方向:

      1. 蛋白質定向進化;

      2. 新一代生物治療技術及靶向遞送;

      3. 免疫化學生物學;

      4. 面向生物學機制發現的化學生物學工具開發。





      (1)個人應聘申請/Cover Letter;


      (3)教學、研究陳述/Teaching and Research Statement;

      (4)學術工作計劃/Research Proposal;

      (5)不少于3封推薦信/Recommendation Letters;

      (6)代表性學術成果/Representative academic achievements。

      請將以上申請材料電子版發至:孫老師 sfbc@pku.edu.cn,郵件標題注明:應聘某某崗位+本人姓名。


      The Synthetic and Functional Biomolecules Center (SFBC) at Peking University (PKU),founded in August 2011 and based on College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, is an interdisciplinary institute at Peking University to promote collaborative researches at the interface of chemistry and life sciences. We aim to build a world-class interdisciplinary research institute in chemistry and life sciences, providing new technologies and research strategies for the exploration of life sciences through the cross-integration of chemistry, biology and medicine, to the fundamental researches of major human diseases. Currently there are 7 research groups and 10 scientists. Their research areas have covered: biomolecules, small chemical molecules, animals, plants, microorganisms and other research systems. In the next few years, we intend to give priority to the following four research directions:

      1. Directed protein evolution

      2. New generation of biotherapy technology and targeted delivery

      3. Immune chemical biology

      4. Chemical tools-enabled biological discovery

      We are seeking for applicants for faculty positions at all ranks at the interface of chemistry and biology, broadly defined. Candidates with research interests in chemical biology, biotechnology and related interdisciplinary fields are especially encouraged to apply. We seek candidates with Ph. D. degrees who have demonstrated excellence, originality and productivity in research. We look forward to the participation of young talents world-widely to lead the development of international chemistry frontier discipline and improve the level of human health jointly.

      We offer an internationally competitive start-up package. Peking University provides excellent interdisciplinary research environment and outstanding core research facilities.

      Applications should include:

      1. Cover Letter

      2. Curriculum Vitae

      3. Teaching Statement

      4. Two or More Research Proposals (within 3 pages)

      5. Representative academic achievements

      6. Three Reference Letters

      Please submit all the materials as a combined PDF file via email to:


      Website: www.chem.pku.edu.cn/sfbc



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