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      發布時間:2022-01-06 截止時間:詳見正文 發布來源:科學人才網
      所屬省份:四川 工作地點:成都 招聘人數:若干名
      所屬頻道:醫院招聘專欄 地區欄目:四川高校招聘 相關欄目:

      Senior Editor, Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy

      Chengdu, China

      Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy is an open access journal, which jointly published by West China Hospital/State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy and Nature Publishing Group (https://www.nature.com/sigtrans/).

      The aims of Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy is to accomplish timely publication of the latest discoveries and progress in both basic science and clinical research related to signal transduction and targeted therapy. It covers topics including but not limited to molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, systems biology, bioinformatics, and clinical medicine.

      The successful candidate will report to the Chief Editor, and play an important role in helping the chief to shape the future of the journal.

      The responsibilities include:

      1. Handling original research papers, and work closely with other editors on all aspects of the editorial process, including manuscript selection and overseeing peer review.

      2. The ability to recommend well-reasoned editorial decisions on submitted manuscripts in the light of expert advice.

      3. Guiding and assisting external editors with the tasks listed above

      4. Liaising extensively with editor board members, and other experts in the research field.

      5. Attending conferences and visiting research institutions.

      6. Commissioning Reviews and Comment articles and writing Editorials.

      7. Ensuring Production receives manuscripts in an appropriate and complete state.

      8. Other tasks as required.

      To be considered for the position, you will have:

      1. A PhD (or equivalent) in the biological or medical sciences, with experience in bioinformatics and/or clinic is preferred.

      2. Post-doctoral experience would be advantageous but not essential. Experience in publishing papers in high level source journals is preferred.

      3. Be able to demonstrate the breadth of your interest in scientific research, both within and beyond your specialty.

      4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be fluent in English (written and spoken).

      5. The ability to read and assess the novelty, context and implications of research submitted to the journal from different areas of this discipline.

      6. Be eager to travel and meet scientists worldwide, learn more about them and their research, and help them learn more about us and what we are looking for in the papers we seek to publish.

      7. Be comfortable with working in a fast-paced collaborative environment-team spirit is essential.

      8. Editorial experience is not required, although applicants with previous editorial experience are encouraged to apply.

      This is a full-time permanent position, located in our Chengdu offices. Applicants should send a CV and a brief cover letter explaining their interest in the position by email to sttt@scu.edu.cn (subject: STTT editor application) and also log into the recruitment system of West China Hospital to fill the application form:

      Contact person: Ms. Xu and Ms. Liu Tel: 028-85422743/85422038 




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